Benefits of New Build Homes

New build houses are a popular option for property buyers and it’s easy to see why. New build homes offer stylish and modern alternatives with lots of features and added conveniences—here are some advantages of buying a new build.

Shorter Property Chain

There is nothing more frustrating or stressful for property buyers than having their move delayed because they’re waiting on a different house to be sold. And the more houses that are a part of your chain, the worse this problem becomes. With new build houses, everything is simple, there is no property chain to worry about and your house is ready and waiting for you to move into as soon as you can.

More Cost Efficient

One of the bigger drawbacks of older properties, even those that were built relatively recently, is the high costs of energy and heating bills. A new build house will be built to the latest specifications with better insulation and more efficient heating systems.

Incentive Schemes

Moving up the property ladder isn’t easy. However, with new house builders incentivise property buyers with access to a number of schemes designed to help you do just that. This includes government schemes such as Help To Buy, and an array of developer backed schemes.

Mould Your Dream Home

The chances of finding a house that matches all of your needs and preferences are slim. New build houses will often come with a range of customisation options. Letting you decide on your fixtures, fitting, colour scheme, flooring and more.

Peace Of Mind

New build houses are able to really set themselves apart when it comes to the level of reassurance, security and safety they offer to give you complete peace of mind. It’s common for developers to provide various warranties as standard, so you can be assured of being protected against any damage or defects.

Modern Lifestyle

Newly built homes often showcase the latest and most cutting-edge features and technologies. This means that you can enjoy the best modern amenities on offer, with elegant open-plan designs or even the latest ‘smart house’ features.

Lower Ongoing Costs

Your new build property won’t stay new forever but being equipped with the latest modern luxuries from the moment you move in will extend its life-cycle and its appeal. As elements are brand new, vital savings on upgrades and maintenance can be had thanks to elements like UPVC double glazing and soffit boards.


New build properties are more likely to come fitted with the latest innovations in eco-friendly design and technology—as well as a smaller carbon footprint created by more efficient heating systems.

Mortgage Availability

Something many buyers overlook is that some older properties may not be eligible for a mortgage or that it may be more difficult to secure one. This won’t be a problem with a new build property.

Victoria Mews Living Room Interior

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