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The Make Difference Design, Detail, Choice Service

Make Homes are a regional house builder, but not in the traditional sense of the term.

Our mission is to offer purchasers a real alternative to buying run of the mill houses from national housebuilders who tend to be more focused on standardisation and volume than striving for real quality.

We set ourselves apart from the pack by sticking to 4 core principles:

Design – the look, feel and specification of our new homes,

Detail – a refusal to accept anything other than the highest quality finish for all our finished homes

Choice – allowing purchasers to specify the exact finish of their new home, and

Service – We’re here for our customers. No ifs, no buts, whatever we can do to help, we’re here. That is our promise.

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Your New Home

A new home is often the most expensive thing we buy, so this should be a special experience, filled with great designs, better specification and above all else, the choice to mould your new home to your own specific requirements.

Our homes shape our lives and the lives of our families, we believe that when you buy a new house, it should feel like your home from the first moment you walk through the door. What better way to make a house feel like a home than by tailoring the decorating and furnishing of your new home to your own exact taste? With unrivalled levels of customisation, our outstanding, design-focused house types, market leading specification and exceptional build quality, Make Homes are the new house builder the nation has been yearning for.

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