How to Furnish A Bedroom – Must have features and Accessories

Furnishing a bedroom can seem like it would be a piece of cake—a bed, lighting, a wardrobe and you’re almost done. But what if your bedroom could be so much more? Transformed from somewhere you simply sleep into a room of comfort and style. Whether you’re interested in new build houses or period properties, these must-have features, design ideas, and accessories will help you to furnish a bedroom and make it into a true paradise inside your own home.

Create More Seating Spaces

We’re not disputing that your bed is incredibly comfortable to sleep in—but it doesn’t make for ideal seating. By getting creative and investing in seating options, you can help turn your bedroom into somewhere that’s comfortable at any time of day. If you have plenty of space and natural light, you can use a beanbag chair or other comfy reading-room style seating to create a cosy alcove. Alternatively, if you’re short on space an ottoman or accent seating at the foot of the bed can help you make the most of your bedroom.

Bring In The Outdoors

One of the best ways to add a real sense of character and identity to your bedroom is to bring in elements of the natural world. The simplest way of doing this is by adding plants and greenery, which will also make your room fresher and more vibrant. Alternatively, you can get creative repurposing outdoor furniture, we’ve even seen some fantastic examples of people using barn door material for a headboard!

Vintage Style

Alternatively, vintage elements and pieces can add a very distinctive style and flair to your bedroom. You could hang a vintage map instead of or alongside art pieces, or replace your bedside table and other surfaces with vintage wooden trunks and crates.

Paint For Impact

Of all the rooms in your home—nowhere is it a better idea to set the mood and make an impact through colour than the bedroom. The most common way of doing this is through an accent wall, though this will rely on bold colours such as red and oranges to make a statement. If you want to be a little more experimental, you could also consider a painted floor—a sea of blue or green can go a long way to creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Divide And Conquer

Sometimes you don’t need to add something to your room— you need to rearrange the way you conceptualize the space in your bedroom. By dividing the space into distinct areas with a rattan screen or another dividing element you can create unique areas and arrange them accordingly. For example, you can separate your sleeping quarters, a space for getting ready, and a relaxation/reading area, and turn your bedroom into a comfortable multi-purpose room.

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A well-designed bedroom with a blue-gray palette

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