Wondering How To Furnish A New Home?

Moving into a new property is an incredibly exciting time. However, now you have arrived, it is time to furnish and decorate your new home. For many homeowners, this task is highly enjoyable, but it can be rather daunting. So, if you are wondering how to furnish a new home, we have put together some of our best advice to assist households when furnishing their new home.

Have a budget

Decorating your new home can be very costly, which means it is not difficult to start losing track of your expenses. Be it a new sofa, or a tin of paint for the spare bedroom, everything will start to add up and before you know it, you have spent hundreds of pounds before you have even started. A great way to keep yourself in check is by coming up with a budget.

When you go shopping for new furniture and decorations, becoming over-excited and spending money you don’t have is easily done. By having a set budget in mind, you have the incentive to shop around for deals and find the best value for money, rather than letting a salesperson do all the work for you.

Decide where to begin

Rather than becoming overwhelmed at the prospect of decorating the entire house, it is much easier to spread the tasks out over time, and break them down into smaller, more manageable parts. Write a list of the rooms in your home that need to be decorated, along with the furniture and items that need to be purchased. This would give you a clear idea of areas in your home that need to be prioritised in terms of budget and workload.

We recommend starting with the more communal rooms, such as the living room, as this is where you will spending the majority of your time as a household. You can also ensure that if you have guests coming over, this room will be looking at its best.

Start with neutral colours

Neutral colours are not at all boring and actually provide properties with a lot of versatile options when it comes to decoration. You could easily incorporate trends and vibrant prints within the style of each room, as the decoration foundation is built around neutral tones. You can also easily change furnishings and design elements without having to change the colours of your walls, expanding your overall design possibilities

Don’t forget about the finishing touches

When furnishing homes, the most important aspects of a room is not always huge focal points. By focusing on the smaller details such as lighting fixtures, light switches, cabinet handles, and small decorations, you can really present your home with more of a personality. When choosing these small features, take into consideration the size of each room and match accessories that make the most of the space. For example, if you are working with a larger room, you can get away with adding big, stand-out accessories.

As a regional house builder, we want to ensure that when our clients buy their home, it is an exceptional experience. We allow every purchaser to specify the exact finish of their new property, making sure the expertly designed interior meets their requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the properties we have available, you are more than welcome to contact our team here.

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