Moving to a New Build House – The Benefits

In recent times new build houses have undergone something of a renaissance. They moved past their reputation and now offer exciting and eye-catching opportunities for homeowners. And with what they have to offer it’s easy to see why! We’ve outlined some of the main benefits of moving to a new build house.

Make It Yours

One of the most exciting recent trends in new developments has been how they now allow homeowners to customize and tailor their houses. By opting for an ‘off-plan’ option, the prospective buyer can have a say in everything from layout and room uses to design elements such as tiling and paint schemes. ‘Off-plan’ options can also be better for first-time buyers and offer savings when compared to other homeowning options. Our houses for sale in Burton are all available with extensive customisation options.

Well Protected

The National House Building Council now covers most new build houses as standard. This means they offer a higher degree of security and protection in the form of a 10-year warranty. In addition to this—a new build house is more likely to be structurally sound and in less need of repairs and maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Another one of the key trends when it comes to new build houses has been the increasing prioritization of energy efficiency. This is because new build houses are legally required to comply with all the latest building regulations. To assist with this new build houses will often feature the latest in energy-efficient appliances and devices; insulation, triple-glazing, and more. This has several advantages for the homeowner, including savings and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Moving To a New Build House

One of the biggest sources of frustration for any prospective homeowner is just how long the process of finding, buying, and then settling into a new house can take. With a new build house, this process will be significantly streamlined. Because you’re the first link in the chain—the first person to buy and live in the house—you’ll be able to move in as quickly as possible. Once you’re in the new house, you’ll be given a clean blank canvas that’s in perfect condition—ideal for settling quickly.

Modern Amenities

One of the most significant advantages of a new build house is having the chance to enjoy all the perks and benefits of all the very latest in home design and appliance trends. These include state of the art smart home technology, comfortable open-plan layouts, and on-site community services such as a concierge or a gym.

If you’re searching for a new house—you want a bespoke and stylish option that matches up with your needs. Here at Make Homes, we specialize in making your dream house a reality. If you have any questions or would like to arrange viewing please contact us today.

A kitchen of a new build house ready for moving in

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