Upcoming Summer Interior Design Trends

It’s almost time for Summer in the UK and as with most seasonal shifts, it’s a great time to transition into a completely new interior decor trend or just make a few positive changes. This can help your home feel a little more fresh and trendy. So in our latest blog post, we’re going to present a couple of summer interior design trends for the upcoming season.

Bolder Colours

Be it a bright pink wall or a mustard yellow sofa, adding brighter and bolder colours to a house is slowly becoming one of the most popular summer trends. As a season that is spent mostly outdoors and involves a lot of positive vibes, bold, bright furniture and decor can help add a splash of colour to your home and make it feel much lighter and welcoming.

Mixing, Not Matching

Matching colours for uniformity can create a wonderful look regardless of the time of year, but a fantastic way to add a sense of summer to your home is to actually be a little more freeform with your colour and pattern choices. Adding multiple different types of patterns and textures is a fantastic way to liven up a room and will become one of the most popular UK home interior trends this summer.

Rustic Additions

One of the most nostalgic summer feelings you can get comes from rustic decor additions. Be it handwoven baskets, homespun ceramics or wooden furniture pieces, you can add plenty of simple rustic touches to your home that will help form a wonderful summer vibe. Neutral-coloured additions are always great when it comes to adding some rustic touches and the more you make your home look like a cottage, the better your interior decor will be.

Pastel Palettes

Soft, simple and desaturated, pastel colours are always a fantastic choice when it comes to summer decor. They provide your interiors with a soothing feel that can create some whimsical yet gentle designs if used correctly. We recommend pastel-coloured wallpapers as a good starting point and potentially pastel furniture if possible. Pastel colours might not be for everyone, but they certainly add a calm and summery touch to your rooms.

Textures and Patterns

While some people prefer to have a minimalist home, we’re starting to see a gradual shift away from clean and minimal designs and into more expressive interiors. Patterns and textures are both fantastic ways to add a little more style to your home and to give it a more personalised feel. When used together with big and bright colours, you can create some spectacular combinations that will become a highlight of your home. Adding new textures can be a simple task, but is one the mainn summer interior design trends for this year.

Keeping Storage Clear

Nothing gives off an airy feel more than shelves that aren’t stuffed full of items. While it might sound a little crazy to not use all of your storage, you’d be surprised at how open and airy it can feel to leave little gaps here and there in your shelving units to make them feel a little more spacious and contribute to the summer feel of your home.

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