Why Choose a Colour Scheme?

A home is more than just a series of rooms put together in isolation—it needs to look and feel like a cohesive whole. Coming together in harmony and a shared sense of style to create something that looks and feels like you want it to. This begins with the colour scheme—designing your new home around a shared colour palette helps to give it a united feel, as well as making sure those stylish design elements really stand out. To help you with this we’re going to look at some of the most important things you need to consider when you’re choosing a colour scheme for your new home.


This a tried and tested method that has been serving the best designers for decades—if you have a favoured rug or piece of furniture then simply identify its pattern and try and replicate it within your home. The logic behind it is simple, if you like the colours on the item—then you’re bound to like them replicated across your home!

A Room With A View

Inspiration doesn’t have to come from within your home—it can also come from outside it. Do you have a magnificent seaside view, or maybe your home is on the edge of some pristine sylvan woodlands? Whatever it may be, replicating natural colours can be a great way to weave a coherent style theme across your house and bring it in line with the natural landscape.

Neutral Benefits

No matter what your inspiration—you need to make sure your palette is based on colours which work together. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen will be familiar with those workhorse elements that make every dish sing—the under-appreciated onions, the correct seasoning, a dash of your favourite spice. Interior design is no different—any good colour scheme will be grounded by some stylish neutral colours. These help to make the space look and feel cohesive, whilst allowing the accent colours to stand out.

Let’s Talk About Colour Theory

You may not know much about it, but there is in fact, a fairly robust science behind explaining how humans perceive different colours in relation to each other. The easiest way of using this is with the help of a colour wheel, many of which can be found online. This handy tool can be used to expand your scheme around your favourite colour or to understand why your current choice just doesn’t quite feel right.

Set The Mood

When you’re picking out colour schemes you can focus entirely on what looks good—overlooking what the house will feel like to live in. Colours and moods are inextricably linked, so when considering your colour scheme think about the kind of mood it will create for you and your guests.

Victoria Mews Living Room Interior

Once you have your colour scheme—you need a home design and building company that can make that dream a reality. One that goes beyond the identikit builds of national companies to create something that feels like your home. At Make Homes, we do just that. To find out more about how we can help with your dream home, view our new build development in Burton or contact us today.


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