Our Top Tips for Moving House

Moving house can sometimes be a stressful experience: there’s a lot of expense, and things can sometimes go wrong. The good news, though, is that you can avoid the vast majority of problems and mishaps, so long as you take the right steps. Here are some top tips for moving house.


Decluttering is a great way to prepare for a move and one we consider to be a one of the best top tips for moving house. Not only will you clear up space in your current dwelling, but you’ll also reduce the amount of packing and unpacking you’ll have to do when you finally move.

You don’t have to throw everything out: why not try selling your old clothes, toys, and bicycles on boot sale apps or donate them to a charity shop?

Start Packing As Soon As Possible

Unless you follow a minimalist lifestyle, there’s a good chance that you have a lot of stuff. And if you have a lot of possessions, then packing them all up can be a daunting task. The best advice here is to start packing early, going room by room with a checklist. Pack up all of the things that you know you’re not going to need before the move, such as photo albums, books, CDs, DVDs, rarely-worn clothes and so on.

Label Everything

Some people stuff their possessions into boxes and then hope that they can find what they want at the other end. Of course, more often than not, they end up confused about what is packed where, so it’s a good idea to label everything. For instance, if you have a box full of pottery, then mark it “kitchen.”

Pack Your Survival Box

Once you’ve packed, you don’t want to start rummaging around in boxes, looking for things that you need. Instead, pack a survival box: a kit of all the things that you can’t live without. Toothpaste, nappies, toiletries, phone chargers and medicine should all go in your survival box. Keep your survival box with you at all times.

Take Photos Of Your Setup

Once you arrive at your new build home, you want to make sure that you have a plan for where everything is going to go. A great, time-saving way to do this is to take pictures of all your rooms so that you have a record of the layout. Yes, your new home may be a slightly different shape, but you can at least have a sense of what your old setup was like so that you don’t end up carrying the same pieces of furniture up and down stairs.

Use Quality Packing Materials

All too often, people look for the cheapest possible packing materials for their move. But going as low-cost as possible probably isn’t a good idea, especially if you have a lot of valuable possessions that you need to transport. Professional removal experts advise that movers consider both the exterior and interior packaging of their items and use materials which do not easily deform when pushed up against. Internal packaging should provide cushioning for delicate objects, like chinaware – using quality packing materials is a great top tip for moving house.

Whether you’re moving into one of our new build houses, or have chosen somewhere else, we hope these top tips for moving will help make your transition into your new home a little easier, and a lot less stressful.

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