So What Actually Is a Regional House Builder?

What exactly is a regional house builder? Why would you want to buy a new build house from a regional house builder? Why not stick with a nationally recognised builder?

Let’s consider the difference between regional house builders and national house builders. This way, we can ascertain what a regional house builder is and also the potential benefits for you using one to build your home. 

Lots and Locations

For the most part, buyers tend to be concerned about the resale value of their homes and that is relatively dependent on location. 

National homebuilders can buy more lots and in prime locations because they have the available capital. Regional builders may find it more difficult to compete in this respect. But regional builders are better at designing more specific homes that work better for the lot and the location.


Available choice is more about price point as opposed to the size of the builder. 

Many national builders will only offer options of A, B, or C. Regional homebuilders tend to be more diverse. 

The larger builder will frequently have a design centre. This makes it easy to choose which house design you prefer. The regional house builder will typically let you view recently completed homes or they will take you to a model home and allow you to see firsthand the available options. 

Further, regional builders generally have a better sense of local home designs that are trending. 

Change Orders

After home construction has started, change orders can be difficult to implement. However, if you do think that there will be plenty of adjustments needed throughout the building phase, a regional builder will likely be more accommodating than the national alternative. 

Chances are that the larger-sized building organisation will be stricter in terms of how they will deal with your desire to make alterations. 

Customer Service

For better customer service in terms of a more personal service, the regional builder is the way to go. National homebuilders will likely have someone onsite to handle customer queries and the like. But, again, this service is not necessarily going to be overly accommodating. 

The national builder employs someone to care of matters pertaining to finalisation such as the final punch list. The regional builder makes their own punch list so the service is more personal. 


Pricing is more about the location of your new build and your own personal desire rather than whether you use a national or a regional house builder. 

National builders do have some advantage here in that they can purchase in bulk and so they are happier to offer incentives to the house buyer – a free fully-finished recreation room, for example. 

Nevertheless, regional home builders understand that they must remain competitive, and there’s no argument that the price is part of that. Every builder ultimately maintains the interests of their customers. They want to make sure their customers are happy because both the national and regional house builder wants more referrals. 

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